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How I got into real estate…

Since 2001, I have owned and operated a moving and transitional services company, C & O Helpers Move Management. In and around Fairfield County, moving my clients from one home to their next became a passion, and ensuring a smooth transition was my priority.

I have helped more than 10,000 people to relocate! Some were renters who were in and out of apartments before settling down in their forever home, some were growing families seeking their nest for their children and others were seniors who decided to downsize to a more manageable home – and I love the excitement of it all!

As I watched these thousands of moves, I wanted to delve deeper into more effectively helping people to navigate the real estate world.  I jumped into the next logical stage in this business and became a real estate agent.  I spent years in the moving business and heard thousands of stories – and my ability to listen and learn what makes my clients happy seemed to be invaluable knowledge as my career grew.

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Marketing Mastery with Social Media

Social Media is the new medium in real estate; I use it every day to promote myself and the businesses in the communities where I am involved.  Social media allows an agent to be able to promote a seller’s property and its highlights through Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.  Likewise, the presence of new properties on social media platforms often allow me to preview a property to a buyer days or weeks before it officially hits the market.  

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My Network is Your Network

I have lived and worked in Fairfield County for 25+ years and I’m incredibly proud of the network that I have built.  I have relationships with a vast array of vendors in the area and can make recommendations that will maintain your happiness in your home for years to come.  I’m always looking to grow my network.

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