Meet the Owner Craig Oshrin

craig-oshrinIn the beginning of my career, I worked in the storage industry and had the opportunity to work with many movers and observe their style and service. One of my responsibilities was to meet with customers, survey their needs and rent them the proper space for their possessions. As I observed the interaction between movers and their customers; I often noticed a real disconnect. There was poor communication, a lack of accurate cost information conveyed to customers, and careless handling of the customer’s property; an overall under delivery of service.

I came to the conclusion I could do a better job an d bring a higher level of customer satisfaction; nevertheless, in 2001 I started C&O Helpers Moving and Transitional Services. Since 2001, I have provided moving and other relocation services to over 3,000 individuals, families and businesses throughout Fairfield County.

Over this 13 year journey, I’ve been extremely lucky and fulfilled by the solid relationships I’ve for med within the community. These close connections are ultimately what led me to giving back. A charity close to my heart is the Alzheimer’s Association. Alzheimer’s is an illness that affects my grandmother and many of my clients and Fundraising for the Connecticut Chapter fuels a personal passion. My tagline has always been “Craig Oshrin is your point of contact for all your transitional needs” and today, this is one of many reasons why C&O Helpers has been so successful delivering a trusted service to so many.

We are truly excited to announce the launch of our new “Move Management Platform” that features an a la carte menu. We work side by side with Realtors, Assisted Living Communities, Families and other business professionals to provide a streamline process to any relocation or transitional need.

Our new Move Management platform consists of the following services:

The launch of this platform, our attention to detail and follow-through will keeps our customers and friends coming back. We hope you take advantage of this valuable service offering and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your loved ones soon.

Craig Oshrin

If you would like a free in-home consultation, please fill out the Priority Contact Form. We will respond within one business day. We look forward to learning how we can assist you.

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